Bone Growth Stimulation for Fracture and Spinal Fusion Patients

About Bone Growth Stimulation

Some patients who experience bone injuries and spinal fusion surgery have difficulty healing. In many of these cases, there are certain health factors that may have impaired the natural healing process of the bones.

When this occurs in patients with fractures, doctors may diagnose the condition as a nonunion, meaning the fracture has failed to show evidence of healing. Similarly, when this occurs in patients who have undergone spinal fusion surgery, doctors may determine that additional treatment options are necessary to get the vertebrae of the spine to properly fuse.

To help overcome these healing challenges, doctors commonly prescribe a treatment

The devices stimulate the natural healing process of bone by sending low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site.

called bone growth stimulation, also known as osteogenesis stimulation.

When bone is broken or bent, it generates an electrical field. This low-level electrical field

is part of the body’s natural process that stimulates bone healing. When this healing process fails to occur naturally, bone growth stimulation can be used to help the process.1-3

Orthofix bone growth (osteogenesis) stimulation devices provide a safe, noninvasive treatment that helps promote healing in fractured bones and spinal fusions that have not healed or have difficulty healing. The devices stimulate the bone's natural healing process by sending low-level pulses of electromagnetic energy to the injury or fusion site.4-9



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Clinical success rates as high as 88% for treating nonunions.4,10

This FDA approved device has been used for more than 25 years to stimulate healing of challenging fractures.

Trusted. Proven. Effective.

Orthofix bone growth stimulation devices have been prescribed since the late 1980s. Over this time, doctors have prescribed more than 700,000 Orthofix bone growth stimulators to help patients heal.

Why doctors and patients choose Orthofix bone growth stimulation devices:

  • FDA approved for cervical and lumbar spine fusion, and challenging nonunion fractures4-6
  • High clinical success rates4-6,10-13
  • Designed for patient ease of use
  • Built-in software helps track treatments
  • Prescribed with a limited guarantee program*

*Subject to eligibility requirement.


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Overall clinical success rate of 84%.6,13

The only osteogenesis stimulator approved by the FDA as a noninvasive, adjunctive treatment option for spinal fusions of the neck (cervical spine).6,13

History of Bone Growth Stimulation

Electrical currents have been used to heal bones since the mid-1800s. However, it wasn’t until the 1950s scientists made the important discovery that when human bone is bent or broken, it generates an electrical field. This low-level electrical field activates the body's own repair mechanism which, in turn, promotes bone healing.1-3


1986 – Physio-Stim received FDA approval4

1990 – Spinal-Stim received FDA approval5

2004 – Cervical-Stim received FDA approval6



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Overall clinical success rate of 92% for adjunct fusions.5,12

The only FDA approved osteogenesis stimulator for both adjunct fusion and nonsurgical treatment of failed fusions of the lower back, reducing the need for revision surgery.5,11-12